Email Marketing Done Right Can Make A Big Impact

Email marketing can be an effective and cost-efficient marketing tactic. It allows you to connect with customers by creating top of mind awareness of a product or service, cultivate an ongoing relationship and compel recipients to take action.

Consider just a few ways you can use email marketing to drive sales:

*Position your business as the leader in your field by sharing breaking news and developments in your industry.

*Drive traffic to your website with embedded links.

*Be eco-friendly and use email instead of snail-mail –this can earn you green cred!

*Respond quickly to market conditions with messages that arrive in recipient’s mailboxes in hours vs. days.

*Offer special discounts or coupons for email recipients.

*Encourage referrals through contests and exclusive offers.

Perhaps best of all – email marketing is trackable. Easily monitor who opens your email, who clicks through and who forwards the message. We marketers love tactics we can measure!

What are you waiting for – start collecting your permission-based email list now!


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