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Generate Warm Leads with Compelling Offers


Marketing plans should be developed strategically; the end goal to deliver leads to your sales force. A compelling call to action in an email, direct mail or other advertisement can generate warm leads by establishing an initial relationship between your company and your prospects. In one to one marketing a meaningful, valuable offer can open a conversation and drive sales.  When brainstorming what offer you will extend, consider what might your prospect need that will make their job easier.

Examples of offers that generate results:

  • Whitepapers
  • Invitation to Topical Webinar
  • Market Report
  • Free Assessment
  • Invitation to an Event
  • Guide or Handbook
  • Sample of Product
  • Special Savings Coupon
  • Gift card

When choosing an offer – think strategically.  What offer that will be perceived as having the most value to your prospects? What will open the lines of communication?

What have you tried that worked?


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Twitter, Tweet and Twhirl!


You probably have heard of Twitter by now. But what is it? And more importantly, how can you use it for strategic marketing purposes? Here’s a thumbnail sketch of what Twitter is and how you can leverage it for marketing your business.

  • Twitter is micro blogging. You have 140 characters per message, called “tweets”, to make your point. You must be succinct, concise and interesting!

  • Twitter, like blogging, is a way to connect with other people. Although you may be Twittering for business purposes, remember that your voice should have a human tone.

  • Follow back folks who follow you. It’s how you build a “twosse” or Twitter posse!

  • Aim to be a thought leader in your field. Search for users who are tweeting in your world and watch what they do.

  • Add links to your tweets to drive followers to interesting articles or to new posts on your own blog or website.

  • Use a Twitter management application to organize your followers and tweets. I like BrightKit.

  • Twitter takes time to nurture. As a lead generation system, it will take time as you build your reputation and follower list.

Check out Strategic Guru’s Twitter for a sense of our brand strategy.  And here are more quick social media and Twitter tips.

Have you started using Twitter yet?

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