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Amp up Your Web Presence with Press Releases

The press release is dead.

Well, that’s what some people think. And although press releases are changing as the shape of media changes, they are still an important tool in strategic marketing planning for most companies. Besides serving the basic function of getting company news out to the media, they also can help increase your SEO or search engine optimization. What’s SEO? Wikipedia defines it as the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines via natural (or organic) search results.

  • Be sure your press releases are embedded with links to your site, your services, and your blog. This drives traffic your site. Hint: include the http:// portion of the URLs in your release or the link will not be clickable when published.
  • Place your links in the first two paragraphs of the release, or “above the fold” of the screen.
  • Be sure your press releases are focused on your keywords. As you use keywords as part of your website SEO brand strategy, think about that same process for your press releases. Have a set of keywords in mind before you sit down to write your release.
  • Repeat keywords at least three times throughout the release.
  • Include anchor text hyperlinks in the press release that are your keywords or similar to them and make sure these words are linked back to the appropriate page on your website.
  • When your press releases are posted online, they will often show in Google search, increasing your online “real estate”.

Be sure you are incorporating press releases into your marketing and brand strategy – optimized for search they can increase traffic to websites, build inbound links to your site and improve search-engine rankings.


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A Few Reminders on How to Improve Your Website

I was reading this post over on Marketing Pilgrim and I thought it was worth sharing.

From a talk given at SMX West (Search Marketing Expo 2009) ’15 Stupid Things You Can do to Your Website’ is a quick sketch of some key things to keep in mind when launching a new website or revamping an existing one.

Here are a couple of points I liked:

2. Using bad keywords—ones that are too competitive or no one is searching for. Michael suggested picking mid-range keywords and work your way up.

13. Mass email using BCC and not using email services. Using an email service provider is highly recommended for sending to large lists of recipients.

14. Below the fold calls to action. Ensure calls to action are above the fold and in order to check how the page appears on different screen sizes undertake browser testing.

The point on keywords is well-taken.  It’s important to review your keywords frequently and track their results with an analytics program such as Google Analytics.   What words emerge from your initial research as achieveable may not drive traffic to your site through organic search.

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Email Design Pivotal to Campaign Success

envelope1As marketing budgets tighten among companies of all sizes, folks are looking at low-cost tactics that are trackable and measurable. Because your company is known to customers and you have determined which recipients have opted-in to your list, e-mail design and messaging is the most critical element of this a campaign’s success.
Here are two points to consider when crafting an email campaign:

1. “Less is more” for an effective e-mail. An email with a shorter copy and fewer graphics work best. A clean presentation helps potential customers see your message clearly and eliminates unwanted confusion.

2. Bring in customers with a call to action. Clearly marked calls to action are important so that the customer knows the who, what, why, and where of your e-mail communication. An email with a weak or missing call to action is as ineffective as simply not sending a message at all.

Stay tuned for more email marketing tips in March.

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