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CEOs Aren’t Feeling the Social Media Love

Does CEO Barbie Twitter?

Does CEO Barbie Twitter?

A recent report by UberCEO indicates that top CEOs are not participating in social media, despite the staggering growth of social media marketing. They researched Fortune’s Top 100 CEOs of 2009 and the key findings were:

•Two CEOs out of 100 have Twitter accounts.

•13 CEOs have LinkedIn profiles, and of those only three have more than 10 connections.

•Over 80% of CEOs don’t have a personal Facebook page.

•Three quarters of the CEOs have some kind of Wikipedia entry, but nearly a third of those have limited or outdated information.

•No Fortune 100 CEO has a blog.

Clearly, despite the buzz around social media, top CEOs are not buying it. This could be for a couple of reasons:

•CEOs are usually not the public face of the brand. Of course, Steve Jobs and Apple go hand-in-hand, but many consumers are not closely acquainted with CEOs. Does following the CEO engage the consumer more with the brand? It’s debatable.

•The ROI around social media is fuzzy. For a busy CEO, does the potential benefit of engaging through Facebook, Twitter and other channels really reflect the time invested? For most in the CEO spot, probably not.

•Most CEOs are at the top of the heap, so to speak. They have done all the networking they need to maneuver to the leadership position in business. Connecting with via LinkedIn, primarily a business-networking site, likely does not enhance their career prospects.

•It’s just not worth the risk. After many notable social media flubs, it’s entirely too easy for one false move to start a negative chain reaction that’s difficult to combat. To be inoffensive and authentic online is a challenge.

Despite the behavior of top CEOs, social media can be an integral part of a strategic marketing plan. For many businesses it’s still a great way to reach out to targets, engage them and build online real estate for the brand.

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A&S: Proud winners of Worst Web Site Ever – Business – News & Observer

We’re pleased to see our deserving winner featured in the News & Observer! Dave Sroelov, owner of A & S, will be receiving a website redesign shortly. We’re excited to work with you, Dave!

Dave Sroelov

Dave Sroelov

A&S: Proud winners of Worst Web Site Ever – Business – News & Observer

A & S Computer Services

A & S Computer Services

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And The Winner Is. . .

A & S Computer Services with 49% of the vote! Congratulations!

But that’s not all–the voting was so close between A & S Computer Services and ASAP Office Supply that we felt both firms deserved our help.

ASAP has been awarded a runner’s up prize package of web makeover services valued at $5000. Congrats ASAP!

Many thanks to all you dedicated voters! Here’s the final talley:

A & S Computer Services

ASAP Office Supply

JCS Technology

Jairus International Ministries

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Stay Tuned…

The votes are being tabulated! We can’t wait to reveal the lucky winner on Tuesday, June 23rd!

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Voting is closed!

Thank you to everyone for an amazing vote turnout!  We will announce the winner on Tuesday, June 23rd.  Stay tuned!

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Last Day to Vote!

V oting ends today at 5 PM and it will be a race to the finish! There have been over 9000 votes cast. Here are the standings as of 7AM Friday, June 19th:

A & S Computer Services                  4254  votes    47%

ASAP Office Supply                             4159 votes     45%

JCS Technology                                       659 votes      7%

Jairus International Ministries           22 votes    .25%

Keep on voting! It looks to be a photo finish!

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