Time Magazine’s Worst Websites

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Don’t forget about the deadline to submit YOUR worst website – coming up this Monday, June 15th.  Here’s the next round of terribly bad websites:

Time Magazine decided to try their hand at determining their “5 Worst Websites”.  Like PC World, MySpace made the list.

5)  eHarmony.com – After taking the time to answer the site’s 436 compatibility questions, what happens if the site delivers terrible recommendations? Is there any hope for you?

4)  Evite.com – A useful website, it desperately needs an overhaul to update their clunky system to one that embraces newer media sharing tools and updated scripts.

3)  Meez.com – The company insists the app is neither spyware nor adware, but it can still slow your computer down with their lengthy email signatures.

2)  MySpace.com – Like PC World, Time feels like the site is too cluttered, too risky, and too much.

1) SecondLife.com – Time Magazine says they’re “sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?” The software takes a long time to load, only to have users experience lag throughout.  Time continues to say “The corporate world’s embrace of the place as a venue for staff meetings and training sessions does seem to lend Second Life a layer of legitimacy. But maybe it’s a case of some CEOs trying too hard to be hip.”


What do you think?  Are any of these websites worth defending?

Don’t forget to enter your submission – voting begins next week!


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One response to “Time Magazine’s Worst Websites

  1. Could not agree more on Evite, MySpace, and *ugh*… Second Life.

    We had to use Second Life in one of my senior marketing classes at NCSU. I appreciated that the instructor and department were trying to be big steps ahead of other institutions as far as classroom exposure to new mediums go, but for the same reasons listed, I never saw it having a lot of longevity in this field. Not only is it a super resource suck, but it’s just a little awkward, too!

    Although, my class LOVED that I had the guts to present on the branding accomplished on the Playboy island 😉

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