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A Few Quick Tips to Overcome the Social Media Hurdle

hurdleMany companies are using social media to build their brand and gain recognition in the marketplace, and others want to start integrating social media into their marketing mix but aren’t sure where to start.

Here are a few thoughts on launching a campaign:

• Embrace failure and learn from the mistakes – Look at Skittles – they launched a Twitter campaign by turning their homepage into a Twitter feed. When that failed Skittles tried another approach, but didn’t take into consideration what happened the first time! They didn’t learn from their first mistake and what happened – Strike 2! Their ego-centric approach didn’t work the 1st time, why would it work the 2nd time? Learn from the mistakes made and correct them on the 2nd approach to achieve the goal you sought out in the first place.

• Engage with your audience – listen to their ideas and thoughts; don’t make the social media effort all about YOU.

• There is no “I” in team – collaborate with team members to get their feedback and insight on the initiative.

• When launching a social media campaign have a clear, focused goal in mind and follow the necessary steps to achieve it. Is it driving visits to the website? Is it signing up for a webinar? Consider your goal and how you will measure the results of your effort. But recall, sometimes social media ROI can be fuzzy.

• Create something of value for your audience. Give them a reason to care.

• Know your audience before implementing a campaign and be prepared for the worst before it occurs.

• Be up front and honest with your intentions – it establishes trust and credibility.

Plan for success, prepare for failure!


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No Risk is the Riskiest Risk of All

riskyDuring this recession, many companies are cutting back their marketing budgets and becoming as lean as possible to stay afloat, but is this the right tactic?  Should businesses be taking risks or laying low?  There may be evidence that now is the time to be taking risks and making your brand known.

Big brand companies such as Toys ‘R’ US, Proctor & Gamble, and Fiat are taking advantage of the opportunities in the marketplace by purchasing competitors. Another big risk taker is Microsoft with the release of Bing, a search engine to compete with powerhouse Google.

Regardless of the size of your business, large or small, a company needs to be aware of the needs in the market and how to utilize the marketing budget to reach their target demographic.

Here are 5 quick tips from Jamie King, President of Euro RSCG Chicago, for managing your marketing budget:

  1. Prioritize your spending on the most important objective – spend on the objective that will pay off first.
  2. Don’t get rid of the discretionary budget line – even though it’s not of importance and can be done without, it may be the boost you need to take advantage of opportunities that arise.
  3. Own a space in any media medium – put your brand out there and make it known; whether it is radio or digital, etc.
  4. Use customers as advocates for your business – a high customer satisfaction rate leads to positive word of mouth for your business.
  5. Optimize all your assets – employees, company vehicles, your buildings, etc. are all a part of your assets; make them a part of your branding strategy.

Engaging your customers is most important and can be utilized effectively through social media tools such as Twitter and YouTube.  Remember, no risk may be the biggest risk of all.

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Quick Tip: What Does the Customer Want?

B2B Customers want something they can takeaway from a purchase, website, e-mail blast, etc; something of value to them.  A takeaway is the lasting impression left on your audience after engaging with your brand, reading an email message or interacting with a customer service representative. A takeaway affects what steps they take next should be tied to your call-to-action.
According to Ardath Albee of the Marketing Interactions Blog, a good takeaway is:

  • Conceptual – generates an idea your content helped spark
  • Conversational – inspires sharing of that idea in the their own words
  • Recommendable – promotes people to pass the content along to others
  • Transferable – applicable to their own specific situations
  • Visual – something they can “see” happening—not pie-in-the-sky thinking

Remember, a good takeaway should focus on your customer, not on your business. Make sure you consider your audience’s needs, desires and perspectives in your messaging.  What lasting impression do you want to leave on your targets?

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Generate Warm Leads with Compelling Offers


Marketing plans should be developed strategically; the end goal to deliver leads to your sales force. A compelling call to action in an email, direct mail or other advertisement can generate warm leads by establishing an initial relationship between your company and your prospects. In one to one marketing a meaningful, valuable offer can open a conversation and drive sales.  When brainstorming what offer you will extend, consider what might your prospect need that will make their job easier.

Examples of offers that generate results:

  • Whitepapers
  • Invitation to Topical Webinar
  • Market Report
  • Free Assessment
  • Invitation to an Event
  • Guide or Handbook
  • Sample of Product
  • Special Savings Coupon
  • Gift card

When choosing an offer – think strategically.  What offer that will be perceived as having the most value to your prospects? What will open the lines of communication?

What have you tried that worked?

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Email Marketing Done Right Can Make A Big Impact

Email marketing can be an effective and cost-efficient marketing tactic. It allows you to connect with customers by creating top of mind awareness of a product or service, cultivate an ongoing relationship and compel recipients to take action.

Consider just a few ways you can use email marketing to drive sales:

*Position your business as the leader in your field by sharing breaking news and developments in your industry.

*Drive traffic to your website with embedded links.

*Be eco-friendly and use email instead of snail-mail –this can earn you green cred!

*Respond quickly to market conditions with messages that arrive in recipient’s mailboxes in hours vs. days.

*Offer special discounts or coupons for email recipients.

*Encourage referrals through contests and exclusive offers.

Perhaps best of all – email marketing is trackable. Easily monitor who opens your email, who clicks through and who forwards the message. We marketers love tactics we can measure!

What are you waiting for – start collecting your permission-based email list now!

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