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Website Tip: Keep graphics files small.

keep graphics small

keep graphics small

The internet is most likely the only place where you can actually bore viewers by being too exciting.

When creating a website, the designer must walk a fine line – balancing the “WOW” factor with the “now” factor.  For each complex graphic added on a site, the site’s load time continues to increase.  After a certain point, visitors will abandon the site before everything has loaded.

Smaller file sizes help company servers run smoothly, increasing productivity for everyone involved.  While technology continues to improve, most people on the Web are still connected at 28.8–and even this speed is not always maximized..

With a 28.8k connection, your computer can receive, on average, 2K per second.

As a rule of thumb, if possible, keep all graphics under 20K.  Essential graphics for navigation should be less than 10K. This can be accomplished by using a reduced color palette, such as 4-bit instead of 8-bit.  On many occasions, this will cut the resulting file size in half.

Keep this in mind when choosing a file type and screen resolution as well.  Graphics with many colors should be saved as JPG files, while graphics with few colors can be saved as a GIF.

After using these rules, your website’s viewers will surely thank you for their newfound increase in efficiency.  Who knows, they might even feel a little bit less stressed!

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