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Back to the Basics

data driven salesAs the old saying goes, time is money.  Companies are looking for ways to trim their budgets and reach a more targeted audience with less.  Here are four quick ways to use the information you have in your customer database to your advantage:

  1. Make a list – many marketers have data in several different locations; consolidate this information and store it in one location that is easily accessible.  Also, be sure to rid your list of addresses that have bounced in the past campaigns; practicing good list hygiene can lead to a higher open rate.
  2. Become one with your IT personnel – Don’t consider the IT staff your enemy; marketers need them to grow business opportunities.
  3. Identify basic, but relevant customer data points – find information that will allow you to reach your target market with information that is of significance to them. Such as customer IDs, purchase history, sales data, and order values.
  4. Conduct a test drive with e-mail – E-mail marketing continues to grow and drives the most ROI versus any other online-marketing channel.  Like a scientist testing his or her hypothesis, use a control group and test group to test what works and what doesn’t.  For the test group, use a data-driven campaign.  For the control group, use standard messaging.  For example, the test group is selected email addresses that are relevant for the targeted campaign, while the control group is randomly selected email addresses.

Test and Learn – Send out the pilot e-mail and track the results using web analytics.  Use the information to build a more integrated approach for future campaigns.

Don’t expect high numbers right off the bat.  Remember: “Slow and steady wins the race!”


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Email Design Pivotal to Campaign Success

envelope1As marketing budgets tighten among companies of all sizes, folks are looking at low-cost tactics that are trackable and measurable. Because your company is known to customers and you have determined which recipients have opted-in to your list, e-mail design and messaging is the most critical element of this a campaign’s success.
Here are two points to consider when crafting an email campaign:

1. “Less is more” for an effective e-mail. An email with a shorter copy and fewer graphics work best. A clean presentation helps potential customers see your message clearly and eliminates unwanted confusion.

2. Bring in customers with a call to action. Clearly marked calls to action are important so that the customer knows the who, what, why, and where of your e-mail communication. An email with a weak or missing call to action is as ineffective as simply not sending a message at all.

Stay tuned for more email marketing tips in March.

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Email Marketing Done Right Can Make A Big Impact

Email marketing can be an effective and cost-efficient marketing tactic. It allows you to connect with customers by creating top of mind awareness of a product or service, cultivate an ongoing relationship and compel recipients to take action.

Consider just a few ways you can use email marketing to drive sales:

*Position your business as the leader in your field by sharing breaking news and developments in your industry.

*Drive traffic to your website with embedded links.

*Be eco-friendly and use email instead of snail-mail –this can earn you green cred!

*Respond quickly to market conditions with messages that arrive in recipient’s mailboxes in hours vs. days.

*Offer special discounts or coupons for email recipients.

*Encourage referrals through contests and exclusive offers.

Perhaps best of all – email marketing is trackable. Easily monitor who opens your email, who clicks through and who forwards the message. We marketers love tactics we can measure!

What are you waiting for – start collecting your permission-based email list now!

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