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Useful Twitter Tool: Hashtags

twitter-hash-logo-for-fluidIf you’ve been using Twitter for some time or are new to it, you’ve likely seen a word preceded by a hash symbol (#) in tweets, like #bigbadball. What are these used for? Simply put, Hashtags are a way to track tweets on a specific topic and make those topics easily searchable.

Hashtags can be a great way to track a social media campaign on Twitter if utilized properly. When using a hashtag for a campaign, be sure that it’s only included in tweets related to the campaign and not all of your tweets. Websites like What’s the Trend, Monitter and TweetGrid show trending topics and also let you search for a specific hashtag.

As mentioned earlier, we use HootSuite to manage Twitter and feel it’s a great tool to track the searches and tweets that include your #hashtag.


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