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How To: Optimize your Facebook Presence

facebook-logoMany brands have created Facebook fan pages to jump on the bandwagon, but don’t know how to optimize their page to leverage the power of social networking. Facebook fan pages offer the user many of the same options as a personal profile such as posting status updates, info and photo tabs, and application boxes. However, to be effective the user should understand the importance of placement and interaction.

Here are a few ways to optimize your fan page:

Create a vanity URL – We’ve spoken about this in a previous blog post and can’t stress it enough. Having a vanity URL makes it easier for users to find you on Facebook and increases your shareability.

Optimizing your share preview – A new feature to personal profiles as well as fan pages is the opportunity to share links. This feature allows users to select thumbnail images to be displayed when shared and allows the placement of the Facebook logo or link to your own site to drive traffic to your fan page.

• Perfect Profile Picture – Having the perfect profile picture is key in attracting new fans – it’s the first thing they see when surfing for your brand. When cropping the picture make sure it’s 200px wide with a 12px border around important information since Facebook automatically crops images.

Facebook fan pages are growing in popularity, so be sure to follow these tips to ensure your brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle and help your fans find you. An added bonus – It’s free and easy!

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The Move to Online Advertising is Happening – but there’s a catch.

onlineadsDo you find online ads annoying or distracting? If so, you’re not alone! In a recent poll taken by LinkedIn Research and Harris, consumers are less than thrilled about the idea of online advertising. As a consumer, I dislike online ads that are flashy, distracting and pop-up over the content I am reading. But an increasing number of marketers are moving advertising spending away from traditional mediums to online.
The poll reported that 80% of consumer respondents find online ads that expand to cover their reading irritating. 79% said they didn’t like ads that were difficult to close and 76% don’t like pop-up ads. (Who are the 24% who do?) 66% don’t dislike ads that open when they mouse over them. 60% mentioned animated ads—either silent or those with sound—as distracting.
If consumers are so dissatisfied and irritated by these ads, why do marketers continue to use this approach?
Online ads are an important tool in a marketing mix and shouldn’t be used alone; they should be used in conjunction with other forms of advertising such as media, television and radio. They also should be targeted properly, so the consumer doesn’t get frustrated with the content and see it as a distraction.
Our suggestion is if you plan to use online ads as a form of marketing, be sure to do research on what your target demographic likes before initiating an online ad campaign that receives negative feedback.

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Coke’s Touch-Screen Machine

Coca-Cola is rolling out new, interactive vending machines across the globe featuring large touch-screens and Bluetooth capability.

The new machines look quite fun and engage the user with the brand beyond the 15 second transaction time of a typical vending machine. They certainly aren’t practical (think vandalism) and they are likely much more costly than a standard vending machine so wide-scale deployment is unlikely. They are being tested in Simon malls across the Southeast, so keep your eyes peeled – or have you already seen one, if so, let us know!

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Interactive Marketing Will Grow – Is It Right For You?

Interactive marketing (e-mail, social media, online and search) is contributing to a major shift in the marketing landscape. With social media sites and mobile marketing emerging as the next big thing, some marketers are moving away from traditional tactics (print, television, display advertising), but is this wise? A recent report from Forrester predicts that interactive marketing will “cannibalize” other channels.  In fact, 60% of those surveyed will increase their interactive marketing budgets by shifting funds from traditional media.

Here’s our take:

Yes, interactive marketing and social media are becoming increasingly popular, but it’s risky to place all advertising dollars in one basket or move away traditional channels altogether. It’s clear that social media’s not just for kids; the largest group of Facebook users are aged 35-54. There are still people out there that don’t engage with social media and prefer old-school communication channels-direct mail, newspapers, magazines and television. Furthermore, a recent report from Razorfish suggests that people don’t trust their online friends as much as their offline friends.

For most companies, a combination of traditional and interactive marketing still makes sense. An integrated strategy will give you a better opportunity to reach your target market through various channels.  A blend of online and offline messages support each other –print ads can drive people to a Facebook fan page and a Twitter stream can direct prospects to get a coupon to test out your service.  For example, Starbucks is currently giving away coupons for free pints of their ice cream via Facebook.  Are they still running print ads for their ice cream?  It’s likely.  An online channel (Facebook) supports an offline channel (in-store advertising).

One last thing to drive the point home, marketing and technology are ever changing, so be sure to know who your target market is and what marketing channels they prefer before making any drastic changes  in your marketing plan.

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