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Interactive Marketing Will Grow – Is It Right For You?

Interactive marketing (e-mail, social media, online and search) is contributing to a major shift in the marketing landscape. With social media sites and mobile marketing emerging as the next big thing, some marketers are moving away from traditional tactics (print, television, display advertising), but is this wise? A recent report from Forrester predicts that interactive marketing will “cannibalize” other channels.  In fact, 60% of those surveyed will increase their interactive marketing budgets by shifting funds from traditional media.

Here’s our take:

Yes, interactive marketing and social media are becoming increasingly popular, but it’s risky to place all advertising dollars in one basket or move away traditional channels altogether. It’s clear that social media’s not just for kids; the largest group of Facebook users are aged 35-54. There are still people out there that don’t engage with social media and prefer old-school communication channels-direct mail, newspapers, magazines and television. Furthermore, a recent report from Razorfish suggests that people don’t trust their online friends as much as their offline friends.

For most companies, a combination of traditional and interactive marketing still makes sense. An integrated strategy will give you a better opportunity to reach your target market through various channels.  A blend of online and offline messages support each other –print ads can drive people to a Facebook fan page and a Twitter stream can direct prospects to get a coupon to test out your service.  For example, Starbucks is currently giving away coupons for free pints of their ice cream via Facebook.  Are they still running print ads for their ice cream?  It’s likely.  An online channel (Facebook) supports an offline channel (in-store advertising).

One last thing to drive the point home, marketing and technology are ever changing, so be sure to know who your target market is and what marketing channels they prefer before making any drastic changes  in your marketing plan.


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Website Tip: Test your site the way your visitors are seeing it.

testBefore releasing your site to the world, take some time to view your website from many different angles.  Try computers that are connected at 14.4 and 28.8 to see how fast it really is.  Viewing your site in-house from a hard disk will mask errors that other users may be experiencing.

In addition to different connection speeds, try your site in different browsers, including Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, among others.  Also, try your site with different screen resolutions.  Most of your viewers will be using 800×600 for their desktop.  After all of these tests, is your website as fast as you think it is?

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We’re Off and Running!

And the entries are rolling in….We’ve received some great submissions so far.  One entrant said “I know my logo is cute, but I can’t pay my bills with “cute”!

Good point!  A good website is informative and nice to look at but it should work for you, pulling leads and stimulating inquiry.

Not sure if your website stinks?  Request a free web report card from us to learn where you can improve.

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Strategic Guru Welcomes New Graphic Designer

Welcome our new graphic designer, Janet Danforth! Janet joined the team in April and we’re thrilled to have her!

A graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, Janet brings a wealth of experience to the team. Her background of client work in media, arts, financial and sports will be a true asset.

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Marketing and Graphic Design Interns Needed!

We’re looking for a marketing intern (1) and a graphic design intern (1) to start soon. Positions are unpaid.

An Internship at Strategic Guru gives you training and first-hand experience working in an award-winning Marketing Agency. Work in a creative office environment in downtown Cary that is just steps away from shops and restaurants. Work with our senior staff on tasks that range from copywriting to research to layout to production to new design. Solid assignments will build experience and are intended to be instructive, challenging and rewarding.

Requirements for the design position include:
• A junior or senior graphic design major
• At least a 3.0/B average
• Portfolio of work
• Strong communications skills – both verbal and written
• Excellent work ethic, self-motivated and detail-oriented
• Adept in Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign
• Able to work 10 to 20 hours per week between 9am and 5:30 pm

Requirements for the marketing position include:
• A junior or senior marketing, business, PR or communications major
• At least a 3.0/B average
• Knowledge of social networking sites and technologies.
• Excellent research skills
• Strong communications skills – both verbal and written
• Excellent work ethic, self-motivated and detail-oriented
• Experience writing press releases is a plus

Work on internet, email and traditional marketing projects in our fast-paced office. Our friendly, small work environment will allow your contribution to have impact. Experience challenging work that provides the professional exposure you need and be a part of a small, busy agency. If you’re organized, friendly and hard-working, apply to be a part of our team. Forward your resume and cover letter and portfolio (graphic design only) to chelsea -at- strategicguru.com.

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Email Design Pivotal to Campaign Success

envelope1As marketing budgets tighten among companies of all sizes, folks are looking at low-cost tactics that are trackable and measurable. Because your company is known to customers and you have determined which recipients have opted-in to your list, e-mail design and messaging is the most critical element of this a campaign’s success.
Here are two points to consider when crafting an email campaign:

1. “Less is more” for an effective e-mail. An email with a shorter copy and fewer graphics work best. A clean presentation helps potential customers see your message clearly and eliminates unwanted confusion.

2. Bring in customers with a call to action. Clearly marked calls to action are important so that the customer knows the who, what, why, and where of your e-mail communication. An email with a weak or missing call to action is as ineffective as simply not sending a message at all.

Stay tuned for more email marketing tips in March.

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Generate Warm Leads with Compelling Offers


Marketing plans should be developed strategically; the end goal to deliver leads to your sales force. A compelling call to action in an email, direct mail or other advertisement can generate warm leads by establishing an initial relationship between your company and your prospects. In one to one marketing a meaningful, valuable offer can open a conversation and drive sales.  When brainstorming what offer you will extend, consider what might your prospect need that will make their job easier.

Examples of offers that generate results:

  • Whitepapers
  • Invitation to Topical Webinar
  • Market Report
  • Free Assessment
  • Invitation to an Event
  • Guide or Handbook
  • Sample of Product
  • Special Savings Coupon
  • Gift card

When choosing an offer – think strategically.  What offer that will be perceived as having the most value to your prospects? What will open the lines of communication?

What have you tried that worked?

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