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Twitter for a Cause

twitter-bird-2-300x300Twitter has become a major player in social media and an effective marketing tool. It’s not just used by for-profit companies; non-profits are beginning to jump on the Twitter bandwagon and reap its benefits.

Here are a few of the success stories:

Twestival, launched in February, raised over $250,000 for charity: water.
Tweetsgiving – raised a little over $10K in 48 hours for a classroom in Tanzania
• ‘Follower Challenges’ – where an individual says they will give X amount of dollars to a charity if they reach a certain number of followers. For example, Ashton Kutcher challenged the Twittersphere to this. He will make donations to Malaria No More if he can get 1 million followers and beat out the number of followers CNN has.
12 for 12K Challenge – raise $12K per month for a different charity each month in 2009.

In local news, The Big Bad Ball, a gala event to benefit the Hospice of Wake County, is now using Twitter to sell tickets, get sponsors and donation items for the event. Go check ‘em out and help a worthy cause!

Don’t drop traditional fundraising practices, but explore how social media can help in fundraising drives.


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