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The Move to Online Advertising is Happening – but there’s a catch.

onlineadsDo you find online ads annoying or distracting? If so, you’re not alone! In a recent poll taken by LinkedIn Research and Harris, consumers are less than thrilled about the idea of online advertising. As a consumer, I dislike online ads that are flashy, distracting and pop-up over the content I am reading. But an increasing number of marketers are moving advertising spending away from traditional mediums to online.
The poll reported that 80% of consumer respondents find online ads that expand to cover their reading irritating. 79% said they didn’t like ads that were difficult to close and 76% don’t like pop-up ads. (Who are the 24% who do?) 66% don’t dislike ads that open when they mouse over them. 60% mentioned animated ads—either silent or those with sound—as distracting.
If consumers are so dissatisfied and irritated by these ads, why do marketers continue to use this approach?
Online ads are an important tool in a marketing mix and shouldn’t be used alone; they should be used in conjunction with other forms of advertising such as media, television and radio. They also should be targeted properly, so the consumer doesn’t get frustrated with the content and see it as a distraction.
Our suggestion is if you plan to use online ads as a form of marketing, be sure to do research on what your target demographic likes before initiating an online ad campaign that receives negative feedback.


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