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Breaking News on YouTube

Recently, the band the Beastie Boys announced big news on website via their official YouTube channel.  Adam Yauch (AKA MCA) has been diagnosed with cancer of a lymph node and salivary gland.  Their upcoming tour and record release will be pushed back for Yauch to pursue treatment.  Luckily, it was caught early and the outlook for his recovery is good.

Why use social media to share the news?  It’s an authentic way to connect with fans directly. As their announcement included news of a  disruption of their upcoming tour, for which fans had already purchased tickets and made travel arrangements, band members were able to reach out and offer a genuine apology for the inconvenience. Fans also appreciate being the first to know, rather than a news or entertainment outlet-the viral nature of YouTube and the web ensures that word will spread quickly.   Although it wasn’t likely part of any strategic marketing plan, it’s a smart move.  Authenticity and transparency form the backbone of social media strategy.


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