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Time Magazine’s Worst Websites

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Don’t forget about the deadline to submit YOUR worst website – coming up this Monday, June 15th.  Here’s the next round of terribly bad websites:

Time Magazine decided to try their hand at determining their “5 Worst Websites”.  Like PC World, MySpace made the list.

5)  eHarmony.com – After taking the time to answer the site’s 436 compatibility questions, what happens if the site delivers terrible recommendations? Is there any hope for you?

4)  Evite.com – A useful website, it desperately needs an overhaul to update their clunky system to one that embraces newer media sharing tools and updated scripts.

3)  Meez.com – The company insists the app is neither spyware nor adware, but it can still slow your computer down with their lengthy email signatures.

2)  MySpace.com – Like PC World, Time feels like the site is too cluttered, too risky, and too much.

1) SecondLife.com – Time Magazine says they’re “sure that somebody out there is enjoying Second Life, but why?” The software takes a long time to load, only to have users experience lag throughout.  Time continues to say “The corporate world’s embrace of the place as a venue for staff meetings and training sessions does seem to lend Second Life a layer of legitimacy. But maybe it’s a case of some CEOs trying too hard to be hip.”


What do you think?  Are any of these websites worth defending?

Don’t forget to enter your submission – voting begins next week!


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Another Worst Website

At the end of 2006, PC World did their own search for the 25 worst websites on the internet.  You’ll be surprised to hear what they found as the very WORST…


Before you become defensive and stop reading altogether, here’s a few of the reasons PC World cited:

– The graphic swirl of “clashing backgrounds, boxes stacked inside other boxes, massive photos, and sonic disturbance” is  enough to give even the most hip user a headache

– The website lacks needed policies for limiting an adult’s ability to contact minors

–  MySpace isn’t helping elevate the level of intelligence when “U R soooooo hot!!” passes as an everyday comment

What do you think about MySpace?  Yes, the site needs a security and design makeover, but is it a necessary evil? Or a web abomination?

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Website Tip: Design For Easy Reading

It’s important to realize that people read text off of a computer screen at bookabout 1/4th the speed that they read a printed publication.  This shows that we should limit what we say on the web to content that is direct and to-the-point.

Also, don’t trade readability for style.  A white or pastel(light) background helps emphasize the text – dark backgrounds should be reserved for pages with larger fonts.  Most computer screens are wider than they are tall, meaning that your typography should contain shorter line lengths of 40-70 characters per line.  This type of layout is gaining in popularity because it allows the site to reserve part of the screen for navigation and identity.

Have you been to a website where they try to fit ALL of their content into one page? Did you stay? Leave?

Be sure to enter our Worst Website contest – click here for more information.

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Website Tip: Test your site the way your visitors are seeing it.

testBefore releasing your site to the world, take some time to view your website from many different angles.  Try computers that are connected at 14.4 and 28.8 to see how fast it really is.  Viewing your site in-house from a hard disk will mask errors that other users may be experiencing.

In addition to different connection speeds, try your site in different browsers, including Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, among others.  Also, try your site with different screen resolutions.  Most of your viewers will be using 800×600 for their desktop.  After all of these tests, is your website as fast as you think it is?

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The World’s WORST Website

Submit Your Website As The WORST Website – Details Here

worst website

We found a website that has been featured in blogs, web design advice, and many other links lately – a self-proclaimed “WORST” website.  Check out some of the explained mistakes.  After all, frames are so 1995.

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Website Tip: Include contact information on ALL pages.

yellow_pagesEvery page should have the website’s main URL along with the business’ contact information, usually included at the end of the site.  This allows users who save the website to a disk or print the page out to have a way to return to your site or contact you later.

There’s no way to know where the consumer is in their buying process.  Having your information ready and available makes it that much easier for them to contact you about your product or services down the road!

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Website Tip: Keep graphics files small.

keep graphics small

keep graphics small

The internet is most likely the only place where you can actually bore viewers by being too exciting.

When creating a website, the designer must walk a fine line – balancing the “WOW” factor with the “now” factor.  For each complex graphic added on a site, the site’s load time continues to increase.  After a certain point, visitors will abandon the site before everything has loaded.

Smaller file sizes help company servers run smoothly, increasing productivity for everyone involved.  While technology continues to improve, most people on the Web are still connected at 28.8–and even this speed is not always maximized..

With a 28.8k connection, your computer can receive, on average, 2K per second.

As a rule of thumb, if possible, keep all graphics under 20K.  Essential graphics for navigation should be less than 10K. This can be accomplished by using a reduced color palette, such as 4-bit instead of 8-bit.  On many occasions, this will cut the resulting file size in half.

Keep this in mind when choosing a file type and screen resolution as well.  Graphics with many colors should be saved as JPG files, while graphics with few colors can be saved as a GIF.

After using these rules, your website’s viewers will surely thank you for their newfound increase in efficiency.  Who knows, they might even feel a little bit less stressed!

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